Friday, 5 June 2015

Too Hot? Take Your Towel Out for a Picnic - 50 ways to use a tea towel part 5

It's a hot and stick june afternoon and you've clocked off from work early? What are you gonna do?

Way to use a tea towel number 20: Have a picnic!

Our Kickstarter Rainbow Doodlebirds Tea Towel folds up into a teeny tiny square and can fit in a handbag, perfect as a blanket for a mini picnic!
The Kickstarter is now 219% funded... but I still need to raise funds to finance my studio space (which I have been going crazy waiting to hear about today!) Extra goodies will be added to all rewards once I hit my next target of £2000. This fab cardinal print will be popped into all parcels when the rewards are shipped.
Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far! Another 20 days of this madness and I'll be able to breathe out and stop driving my friends and family to distraction!

Get your tea towel or doodle birds mug here:


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