Sunday, 27 January 2008

A Pointy Bird

Oh Pointy Bird
Oh Pointy Pointy
Anoint my head
Anointy Nointy!
(Steve Martin)

Meet my pointy bird. I made him following the instructions in Sue Pearl's Book, Felt Friends, an absolutely fabulous purchase which has made me a very happy person this week. I have loved Sue Pearl's work since I found her on the International Feltmakers Association site last year. She even has a website called felt better! How great is that. Her website is here.

Pointy bird was fun to make, although i have to admit the instructions were a little vague at some points and i did get confused but worked it out by looking at the pictures. Half way thru felting I got frustrated, mostly because my boyfriend was watching Battlestar Galatica and not paying me any attention, and I put pointy bird in the washing machine on the wrong setting so he came out a little deformed and his wings had fallen off.

"He's a freak of nature, we should put him down!" was my fella's constructive comment. Also "He's ugly." At that point I think I stopped speaking to him!

A little tugging and stitching and pointy bird had both wings and eyes and did NOT look like a freak of nature "Ahhh... he's beautiful" said the boyfriend... Huh! Men!

Friday, 18 January 2008

Bloggers Delight

Well... Being new to blogging myself, I would like to point out the list of fabulous sites just to the right of this here screen... no ... bit ... lower... lower... there ya go!!! That would be a list of some of my favorite sites and blogs. Some of the I visit alot, some of them I visit occasionally. But they are all well worth a look.

Sometimes I will use my blog to promote others... It's all part of being part of Etsy, an online community of craftspersons and artists who like to sell their work and chat.
Etsy has done a lot for me over the past year from offering support and comfort when I was sad to helping me sell my things and I want to give something back. The Etsy posse are so generous in promoting each other, especially the Etsy UK posse!!!, so here's a bit of love back for them.

Have a little flick thru the sites... you won't be disappointed... I suggest you start with one of my faves, Siansburys who makes the cutest sock monkeys ever, my personal current fave being the Obi Wan Monkey... just fab.

Or check out Sheepish Lion who not only has a great name but make fabulous jewellery mixing felt and other materials. On of my favorite felty sites is the international association of feltmakers, which I'm soon to be a card carrying member and I can't wait for my membership to come through!!! Great resource for felters.

Go on have a look!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone.

Ok so i know i am a bit late with it but hey at least I said it!!! No new years resolution this year. I have decided instead that this will be the year that my life changes.

I have spent a long time "trying" to be an artist/ crafts person and I have decided that this year i will make it happen or at least make positive steps towards making my dream a reality. I hope to apply for an arts council grant to be able to make large scale felt vessels or tentacle pots as i like to call them. I want to get involved in community arts and have been researching the good work the Artlink do in my area. I have picked up an artworker application form from them and will hopefully be able to get involved as soon as I get a criminal records check.

On top of all this I will be continuing to sell work on etsy and source new outlets for my work.

My little head is buzzing with so many ideas that I hardly know where to start!!!! I can't wait!!! This year WILL be a good one.