Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Great Escape! Mis adventures while moving house part 1

As Many of you know I have recently been attempting to escape my damp, woodlouse and slug infested dungeon of a flat for a while now... well I did it!!! woot... am moving things in very slowly using only a sky blue skoda and the charity of friends!

Not many pictures yet as it's still a little empty but its fabulous this is the kitchen.. I now has a freezer so will no longer live on beans! And a washing machine means I don't have to take huge bags to my mum's...and huge and if I hold a mirror out of the window i can see the sea but only if i angle it right!
The living room is massive and currently swallowing my furniture! You can't get an idea of scale in the pictures but look at all the space!There is even a pyramid in the front room... I've read the da vinci code and am assuming therefore that the flat was built by the freemasons and the pyramid channels positive energy into my room!Am working very hard on filling it with lovely things.... part 2 coming soon where i will show you my stuff in my flat! Needless to say all that's there at the moment is a lot of felt! And just wait till you see my 1970's bath room and lovely (not) real stone fireplace... ooo it's exciting!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

More Mythosian Fun!

The madness continues! Ok it is official I have finally gone totally 100% completely bonkers... first cam Cthulhu and now this guy! He's a little Deep One from mythosian legend. All I know is he is very cute... prehaps a little too cute! and possibly a step too far on the cuteness scale!

Probably all this crazyness is compounded by still waiting to hear if I have got the flat I applied for 1 month ago... yup folks feltmeup wants to move out of her very cold basement flat into a lofty penthouse appartment by the seaside... ok so it's not penthouse but it is top floor and warm and more importantly it doesn't have chavvy neighbours with bad taste in music!

Hurry up mr lettings agent!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Nothing Says I love You Like a Felt Cthulhu

Finally proof that I have cracked and life is far too much for me!

Not really my lovely boyfriend/assistant John kept asking me to make a Cthulhu so I did... for those who don't know Cthulhu is a Mythosian God from the world of H.P. Lovecraft, 2oth century gothic writer and possibly the father of modern horror. (I was told this!)

Cthlulhu is a busy little dark god, when he's not crushing worlds beneath his tentacles and eating souls Cthulhu likes to relax with a nice cold drink by a pool of slime and get a nice moon tan.

Feltathulhu is 2.75 inches of mythosian fun, made from 100% organically farmed merino wool tops made only from truely evil sheep.

and he's really really cute!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Have It Your Way!

Probably the thing I enjoy most is doing commissions and custom work... sometimes it's a pain, sometimes it's weird but it's always great fun disscussing the commisson with the customer, making it and then getting feedback on how you did.

Most commisions are wedding cake toppers, a basic pair of birds with only slight alterations to colours to match a wedding colour scheme.I thought it might be fun to share some of the custom pairs I've made. These are my current faves, reggae reggae and tropical tweets for Iamthe queenofhearts at etsy... these aren't a cake topper they are a mother and son pair but they were such fun to make.I make a point of always making pairs together so they match in size and texture, so even if I already have one in my shop I always make the pair... they are always made for each other! Just how it should be!

So if you want something you can't see in my shop... panic ye not... just convo me and I can do most designs. Lets have some fun!

Monday, 16 March 2009

And the winner is...

So it's time to draw our winner, the entrants were collected, placed in a fluffy cap and carefully examined by some bunnies to ensure fairness. Although only the little bunny seems to be really scrutinising those names to check there are no duplicates.

And my lovely assisstant John drew the winner, closing his eyes so nobody can accuse him of cheating!

Yay, the winner is Holly Graham... another Canadian and the lovely person behind Hollyzhobby on etsy! Canadians are the luckiest people in the world... why? Because the last winner was Canadian as well... It's a felt invasion, my felties will soon rule Canada... just you wait! Mwahahaha!!!
Ahem... sorry!
Watch this space for another giveaway coming soon... the next one will be a little different, but I'm keeping it under my hat for now!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sometimes I make Myself Giggle!

Sometimes I make something and just think "YES!!!" I love these guys so much! I don't really want to let them go but that's no way to run a business!

I was talking to friends about the music we used to listen to which we recently found out would have made us all "emo's" which was news to us! This got me thinking maybe I should make some emo tweets as a tribute to my wasted youth. The next day I was chatting to the etsy UK crew online and someone said my black and white tweet looked like an emo! That did it, I realised fate was calling me so I set to work! These guys were the result and I adore them...

...they make me miss my red hair tho! I feel a trip to the hairdressers coming on.. and where did I put the My Chemical Romance CD...

Monday, 2 March 2009

Competition Time Again!!! Bunny Giveaway!!!

Yes It's that time again... I had so much fun doing my tweet giveaway I have decided to giveaway a funny bunny easter bunny. Yes... a bunny! The prize for this competition is a white Easter Bunny with pink nose and fluffy bunny tail! As you can see I have been a busy bunny myself making many a rabbit for my felt menagerie... I would make a joke about breeding like rabbits but you're expecting that so I won't!

The rules are the same as last time leave a blog comment here and then e-mail me your e-mail contact details at feltmeupdesigns@yahoo.co.uk

Closing date is March 16th... get your entries in now!

Good Luck!