Wednesday, 24 February 2010

And the Winner is....

Drum roll please! Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce the winner of the first inky giveaway is...

Creamrose of etsy! well done creamrose... the random number generator has smiled upon you! Creamrose will recieve a wren print, notebook of her choosing and a whole pile of inky goodies and loveliness!

Creamrose has a beautiful etsy shop with lots of gorgeous buttony items, check it out here
I love this little handmade piggy clutch!
And her packaging is adorable!
So congratulations! I am gonna kick back and enjoy my holiday with a nice big cream bun and a cup of coffee... and do a lot of felting and inky stuff, crafter don't get holidays... but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Blog Giveaway Inky Prizes!!!!

I am feeling generous this week, I am looking forward to my week off and moving my boyfriend into my flat and I reckon I need to declutter a bit! So I am having my first inky give away. You may have noticed I have another wee shop on etsy called inkmeup which is edging ever closer to 100 sales. I am offering one lucky winner a great big inky prize of a music wrens print , a blank notebook of their choice plus a great big inky pile of post cards and mini prints... in a big prize haul worth over $50
How to enter
This time there are 4... yes 4 ways to enter!

To enter simply leave a comment on my blog telling me what your favorite item in my shop is or buy an item from from either shop or leave a Twitter comment mentioning this blog post with link @feltmeupdesigns

Finally become a fan of inkmeup at our face book page here ... If you do all 4 you get 4 entries... simples!!!The best thing about having a week off from my day job is I will be getting my fingers well and truely inky and working on new designs. Yay! I will draw the competition by the scientific and totally random way of sticking the entries in a hat and making John pick one out, with his eyes closed, probaly looking dopey... there may even be pictures ... competition closes February 24th.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New Arrivals at the menagerie

Spring is in the air and at the seaside here in Scarborough the sun is shining and the birds are singing (well the seagulls are screaming!) and the tweets have been having babies!

Ok so they haven't... I made them! But it would make life easier if they reproduced on their own! Teeny tweets are returning to the menagerie and over the next few days I shall be listing some mummy and baby and daddy and baby pairs and I shall be offering families on a custom order basis.

They are super cute little families and I love making them. I am often asked for wedding cake toppers including a baby tweet or two!

My favourite of my little families is this little pale yellow and apricot coloured family, I think they would look fab perched on the top of an Easter cake! Then of course they can be on display all year round!
The teeny tweets are looking forward to more new arrivals soon and keeping an eye out for the next giveaway!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Welcome to the Family

Just a quick blog post this week since I am a bit poorly. I'd just like to introduce you to our 2 newest family members. The adorable masked love bird and peach faced love bird have joined the pet bird collection along with yellow lovebird and cockatiel. You will be able to find them at the menagerie soonxx