Monday, 27 April 2009

Let me introduce you to...

So now the blog comp is over I could really do with a rest but I wanna keep y'all interested and not vanish into the air like I tend to. I thought that I would introduce you to some etsy sellers whose work I really love. I'm starting with a needle felter from Amsterdam called Forest Blue aka Katarzyna.

Katarzyna has been making for as long as she can remeber and seems to have a natural talent for creating amazing creatures. I adore he misio bears, they have such personality. I love this little fella scaring his pal!Part of Forestblue's charm is her wonderful phtography, all her little creatures are posed carefully in little scenes which really adds life to them. You can just imagine them all running around playing hide and seek or just sunbathing by the lake! Forestblue has a great flickr site too where you can see more on how she makes her creations

I totally love her bears but for my last picture I just had to show you Mo the Moose... his expression is just incredible... like he's a little shy and timid! That little scarf with pom poms is great too... Mo is such a trendy Moose!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

And the winner is...

Votes have been tallied from all voting threads, the blog and face book. It was so close right to the end but I am happy to announce the winner is....

Ringo by Big Blue Bed of etsy, BBB has a great shop, I urge you to check it out. Alix makes fun handmade clothes & accessories. She makes these dorset button thingies which are so cute! They are made with cotton thread and lots of sew and I'm guessing a great deal of skill and time!

BBB will recieve her feltmeup goody bag including her tweet and anything else I have hanging around the studio! Well done Alix!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Blog Comp Update.... Get your Voting fingers Out!!!

The design a tweet competition is officially closed. There were so many great entries to the blog comp that I had to rethink my tactics... I simply wanted to make them all! I couldn't decide who should win so it's up to you now... everyone gets one vote so really think about whose design you like best.

The winning design will recieve a feltmeup goody bag containing their Tweet and whatever other goodies I find in my studio! If they are an etsy seller or have a blog then they will get a little bit of free pimpage on this blog!

Bigbluebed said...

I couldn't think..then it came to me. I would like a yellow tweet (he can have spots on his belly) and he will have a little head of hair in brown or black. We had a canary like this and his hair looked like a beatles cut so ofcourse he was called Ringo. So I would like a Ringo please!!

Tina Mammoser said...

ooh, well I like black tweets (because I like crows) so a black birdie who's got something to hint at a geeky science background. How would you portray an particle physicist tweet? ;)

KMCdesigns said...

I'd like a ballet dancing tweet, with a little pink tutu :D

SnowFoxCreations said...

An angel tweet! :) I sketched it here-

Angela said...

Well I know its totally un-original but I love Blue Tits. I love the way they sing, it makes me laugh. So I would like blue tit colours. I think the black bit round their eyes makes them look like mini superheros of the bird world. And the blue bit on the top of their head can make them look quite punky.

To vote simply pick your fave and post a comment the results will be tallied on April 26th and a winner will be announced.... good luck to all the entrants!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Blog Comp Update!

In true disorganised fashion I hadn't really thought out this blog comp... so this is what's happening!

All the entries have been collected and scrutinised by my lovely assistant (John!) and we've picked the ones that I can make out of the selection (sorry guys somethings I just can't do in miniature!) These have then gone into a hat... a lovely English heritage baseball cap... and 5 have been picked out!

I shall now make these 5 and hold a vote for the winner... the winning design will be sent to the designer and Joyfulness shall ensue! There were too many great ideas and I want to make them all!

In the meantime, look what my lovely assistant brought back from York... mmm...he's the best boyfriend!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Competition Closed

Just a note to let you know that the tweet competition is now closed... there have been some great entries and now I have to sift thru and pick a winner. The winner will be selected and I'll make the tweet so it'll take a wee bit longer than usual.

Watch this space for the winner!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Have It Your Way Giveaway!

Well... another milestone is heading up. Feltmeup is just 3 sales away from 200 and as a celebration I have decided to run my best blog comp yet! I can remember discussing with my lovely assistant if maybe I would hit 100 before christmas... it seems so long ago but it was a few months!

Here is goes... This giveaway is to design your own tweet, if you could design a tweet what colours would you choose? Would you be punky, emo or just a good old original tweet? Would you put hearts or stars or spots on your tweet? Or would you challenge me to make something else entirely?

Here's your chance...

New rules a leave a blog comment here and a way for me to contact you... either thru etsy, or blogs or email me at

In your blog comment say what your perfect tweet would be... it can be one in my shop already if you aren't feeling imaginative. The winner will win their design and a copy of it will go into my shop... who knows if any other great ideas get tossed my way I may make them too

Closing date is 14th April... just after I have finished all my easter eggs!

(please note all comments are moderated to prevent nasty spammers!)