Friday, 29 February 2008

Badges Galore!!!

Just Look at these fabulous badges!!!

Recently I decided that Feltmeup Designs needed a new direction, something a little less expensive that could help distribute cuteness on a much larger scale. What better way to do this then with badges! Not only can you appreciate the cuteness you can also wear it!
I got my badges from Moopfit on etsy, it was very simple to do. I decided on my quantity of badges required and purchased them then downloaded a template very kindly provided by Moopf. I then used photoshop to edit my images to fit the template and emailed them to him. Quick and easy (although editing my images did involve a lot of shouting but photoshop always does in my house!)
They arrived on my doorstep but a few days later, uber speedy Moopf must have been working like a demon! I designed a backing card for them and they are now available for purchase at Feltmeupdesigns.
Moopf also make his own range of badges, magnets, cards and other fabulous goodies all featuring his great artwork and a variety of colourful characters. I can't decide who is my favorite I like this heart hugging monster and the hairy fella below. In fact I like them all... my purchase came with a free pack of stickers which my dad stole from me... I'll be nicking them back when he's not looking.

Pay a visit to the very charming and talented Moopf's etsy shop here.

Watch this space for new feltmeup products coming soon.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Blogging While at Work

I have a dilemma. Like many crafters I have a day job too... I'm at it now in fact. I work in the bookshop that time forgot. My work gets in the way of my real job of making millions of tiny rabbits... what to do?

Blog... that's what. Ok so I don't just do that, but while I am bemoaning the fact that there is nothing to do here and I'm not allowed to felt, I try my best to maintain th internet side of my business. I network (chat in the Etsy UK forum) research(surf the internet going ooo and ahh a lot) and seek out new online advetising opportunities (see last comment).

See what a great way to turn those wasted work hours into something good!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Felt Menagerie Grow...eth!

So it's been a busy couple of weeks at the menagerie. In discovering the art of needle felting I learned how to make penguins by poking felt with a barbed needle until it gave in and did what i wanted it to. Then I decided that penguins were a little dull being mostly gray, white and black and I moved on to rabbits.

As you can see! Currently there are but 6 of these little fellas but it is my (slightly silly) aim to make one in every colour I have in my box of wool tops. I haven't counted yet but I'm making a conservative estimate of about 40 different colours. Hmmm... maybe this isn't so wise!

Each rabbit comes with it's own back story, you'll have to visit my store to read them all but my current favorite is Ruby the Ruby red bunny who likes extreme sports and Keanu Reeves. Watch this space to see if I stick to my goal and make a whole rainbow of rabbity goodness!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

New Etsy Shop!

Well looky here! If you look to the right you will see another link aded to my sites section, what could it be? That there my friend is the brand new feltmeup designs etsy shop for creatures , The Felt Menagerie, as i like to call it.

You see, the thing is, I was having so much fun making creatures that they have started to take over my studio and i can't move anymore than an inch from the computer with out falling over them!!! So i just had to open a new shop to clear out the clutter!!!

I really love making creatures, it's very new and exciting at the moment. The bunny at the top of this post is my latest original creation. If you want to see how he was made visit my flickr account for a mini step by step guide. He was great fun to make although the process does look a little painful! (for him... not for me!)

Also, I have been experimenting with needle felting and made this little penguin chap you see below. Good fun... made while sat in bed listening to radio 4 on a Saturday night!!! I'm such a party animal!