Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Felt Menagerie Grow...eth!

So it's been a busy couple of weeks at the menagerie. In discovering the art of needle felting I learned how to make penguins by poking felt with a barbed needle until it gave in and did what i wanted it to. Then I decided that penguins were a little dull being mostly gray, white and black and I moved on to rabbits.

As you can see! Currently there are but 6 of these little fellas but it is my (slightly silly) aim to make one in every colour I have in my box of wool tops. I haven't counted yet but I'm making a conservative estimate of about 40 different colours. Hmmm... maybe this isn't so wise!

Each rabbit comes with it's own back story, you'll have to visit my store to read them all but my current favorite is Ruby the Ruby red bunny who likes extreme sports and Keanu Reeves. Watch this space to see if I stick to my goal and make a whole rainbow of rabbity goodness!


Jennifer Rose said...

They are very cute :) Would look really nice all those colours lined up in a row.

GUGAW said...

soooo so so cute!

KMCdesigns said...

Your bunnies are just too cute! In fact your whole new shop is! Love those penguins ♥ :D