Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Early Birds Catch the Bargains!

Christmas is coming!!! Yep, we know this... for us at Felt Towers Christmas has been coming since mid July when we started making robins and planning our Christmas stock for the year.

October has always been a tricky month at the Felt Menagerie because we know that things are about to go crazy for Christmas but we also know that many of our fans and followers are poor and holding on so as a little treat I have made and EARLYBIRD coupon code for all you organised people who are starting you Christmas shopping early. Just enter EARLYBIRD in the couponcode box on Etsy checkout and you'll get 10% off your whole order.

While being a little cash poor I'm also super busy making Robins and getting early Christmas orders sent off to my shops and galleries. Cambridge Contemporary Crafts and Pippin in Edinburgh have already had their first Christmas boxes and I am working on a big pile of robins to take to Me & Mrs Fisher in York soon!

I am also felting like crazy to get 5 big owls finished for a window display, I have 3 so far and another 2 to finish and am getting a wee bit panicky! I'm sure I'll get them finished in time but that doesn't stop the crazy from leaking into my brain and turning me into a quivering wreck! I've also got a bunch of big wreaths to finish and a Christmas display to plan... in a couple of months it'll all be over, let's all try and get thru it sane this year!