Monday, 14 March 2016

Bird a Day Q & A

Today I thought I might do something a bit different to mark 2 weeks into the Bird a Day Challenge. I have made today's bird but I can't take photos today as I'm going out with Mr Felt to enjoy a day off! So there will be 2 birds tomorrow!

Instead I decided to do a Bird a Day Q&A. Over the past 2 weeks I have had lots of questions about the challenge so I'm going to answer them here together.

What prompted you to decide to do this challenge?
At the beginning of the year I felt a little stuck creatively, which can happen when you have a creative job, I got bogged down into just reproducing old designs and wanted something to shake me out of my comfort zone and help me get inspired.

I bought Noah Scalin's books "365 - A daily Creativity Journal" and "Unstuck" to try and get inspired but after thinking about it I decided that really I just wanted to felt and make birds! So I did! I thought about doing a year of birds but it was quite a commitment... although I may do it at some point as so far I'm really enjoying making a bird a day.

Where do you find your inspiration for the birds?
Everywhere! I'm a complete bird nerd! I made the Long Tailed Tit because I saw a flock of them on the way to the studio, I'm lucky to live so close to nature and I get to walk through the South Cliff Gardens on my way to the studio everyday. I have David Attenborough's Life Of Birds in my DVD player and I collect vintage bird books so I draw a lot of inspiration from them.

How do you get such lovely round shapes?
I cheat! I bought a big bag of multi coloured felt beads... if I were to felt them myself it would take ages and the point is that the challenge is quicker than it normally takes me to make a bird.

How big are the birds?
Each bird is felted onto a 3cm bead but they have bits sticking off, little stands, long necks, wire legs and all manner of different attachments so each one is a different size, you can see from the pictures of my paws the relative size.

What is your favourite bird that you are yet to make and why haven't you made it yet? 
A Dodo... I really want to make a Dodo! I'm not sure what's holding me back but I'm hoping to do one soon

If you were a cupcake what would you be?
Something chocolatey, with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sauce!

Can we suggest birds for you to make?
Yes... but if I don't then don't be disappointed, I have lots of my own ideas it all depends how I feel when I sit down to work!

Can I buy this bird?
Yes! At the end of the project I will be auctioning them all off with a portion of the proceeds being donated to charity... I haven't decided the best way to do this yet but at the moment it's probably going to be on Ebay. 

Will you make more of these birds? If I miss out on the auction can I commission one? 
I haven't decided yet... In fairness to the people who bid most of them will be one of a kind. Although there is at least 1 that I want to add to my flock!

If you have any questions I haven't answered please feel ask me either here in the comments or over on facebook and I promise to answer them all. 


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