Thursday, 26 November 2015

Black Friday vs Bright Friday!!!

Give Back... visit the Bright Friday Website for more
So I had what I thought was an awesome idea... instead of Black Friday I decided I was going to do a BRIGHT FRIDAY promotion. All my Rainbow Doodle Birds Goodies are offered at a discount price from now until December 1st. "Yay... I'm so smart... let's see if anyone else has had the idea" I thought, and hit google.
Rainbow Doodle Birds Bundles
Then I discovered Papermash and this amazing thing they (and other independent retailers) were doing giving 15% of their black Friday sales to Doctors of the World UK, a charity which offers healthcare to refugees across Europe. I was humbled and a little taken aback... this time of year is so driven by sales and consumerism that it's easy to forget that there are other things happening out there in the world and that people are struggling daily just to get by. So please check out the site to see who is taking part, it's a great way to get your Christmas shopping done and support a worthy cause!

So here is my promise...for every sale I have on Black Friday, sorry I mean BRIGHT FRIDAY, no matter which shop it comes from, I will donate £1 to Doctors of the World UK.
Let's all have a Bright Friday and do something good for someone... give something to charity, help out a neighbor, make someone smile.

Happy Bright Friday!

P.S Rainbow doodle birds goodies are now on sale with up to 50% off in all my shops!