Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hello Blogosphere! Have you missed me?

Here at Felt Towers we have had one hell of a year... that is to say in many respects a hellish one! We've had a few ups and downs but we're now sufficiently recovered and looking forward to the New Year! Here's some of the ups (we're not going to dwell on the downs!)

I opened my Not On The High Street shop and was bowled over by the response it got, so much so that I really wasn't prepared for Christmas in any way shape or form! I travelled to Leeds and met the lovely Moaning Minnie and we attended the Not on The High Street Christmas on the move lecture/conferency thingie... which was awesome. I met lots of lovely people there whose names I consequently forgot (sorry) but it was nice meeting them anyway!

We lost a few shops and galleries in the new year but that's ok we gained some more along the way and made new friends and contacts in the process.

I made more robins then ever before, sold more birdies then every before and lost more sleep than ever before... but it's al good!

So all that remains is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very very Happy New Year.