Monday, 25 February 2013

Hello Blog World!

I haven't been in blog world for a long time and you may have been wondering where I have been... well after Christmas I was suffering from a bit of burn out, I felt I had nothing really interesting to say and was spending far too much time online so decided to take a wee break (also blogger doesn't seem to work on Ipad very well and the laptop has been playing up!) Here's a little update of what I have been up to for the first 2 months of the new year!

As usual I have been felting my fingers off busy with gallery orders, wedding cake toppers and Easter and mothers day lovelies. I haven't been idle, far from it, I have been working very hard but mostly on custom designs like these lovely parrots and cockatoos and a whole box of sweet mini tweets for an easter gift.

Also I have ventured in to a New Market at Not On The High Street it was a daunting task since I felt a lot of my images weren't up to scratch and needed completely retake so I have been working on improving my photography, especially on the wedding cake toppers with a new fake cake (icing not my speciality!) and a bunch of lovely props!

I'm learning a lot but it's slow going photographing all my designs again. I also decided to combine my 2 stores of Inkmeup and feltmeupdesigns on NOTHS... for practical reasons but also because I am trying to wind Ink down a little and just focus on a core range of best sellers.

All this work has left me a little dazed and confused so I haven't really had time for new designs or any big projects. I am hoping this year to get some more large owls made... they had a great time over Christmas sitting in Pippin's lovely Haymarket shop and watching the world go by and now are slowly making their way into my etsy store for sale. I have big plans for 2013... and slowly slowly am getting there... there will be more updates, blog posts and competitions coming soon but for now you can always find me hovering around on facebook! See you there!