Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Every Colour Tweet Challenge continues...

I have been a busy busy girl since my last post... not just with the making. I have just come back from my annual holidays so I'm now ready to focus and get down to felting!

The Every colour Tweet challenge is well under way, I have now finished the pink and most of the blues... here they all are looking so cute!

So I just have the greens, purples, reds to cover now before I start thinking about if I am going to do all my browns, grays and  neutrals! I'm still umming and aaahing about if I should do the sludgy colours or just all the brights... still I have given myself a whole year to do them so I guess there's lots of time to decide.

All the tweets I have made up already are now for sale at my Etsy shop Here and are looking super cute in their egg boxes too!