Saturday, 18 June 2011

This Is my world...

Today I thought I'd do something a bit different... It's open studios across the North Yorkshire this week, artists throw open their doors and invite the world in to see the place where the magic happens... I've only had my studio space a few weeks and it's in my flat on the top floor so I can't invite the world in... instead I have made you a little tour over on flickr...

The Studio Tour

20 pictures of the place I spend the vast majority or my time... please visit my studio... each picture has notes or a description so feel free to click thru them all and leave notes where ever you like... and all the time I had a song in my head... which was this

"This is my house
And I live in it
It’s made of cracks
And photographs
We rent it off a guy who bought it from a guy
Who bought it from a guy
Whose grandad left it to him
And the weirdest thing is that this house
Has locks to keep the baddies out
But they’re mostly used to lock ourselves in

This is my house
And it’s fine
It’s where I spend the vast majority of my time
It’s not perfect
But it’s mine
It’s not perfect
But it's mine"

Tim Minchin, one of my favorit comedians sings it and you can hear it here

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Owl babies

I've been busy touting my competition in conjunction with Inkmeup this week, it's all about owls and closes thursday and is drawn on friday if you haven't entered yet... and since my head was already in an owlie frame of mind I decided to have a play with some felty things and make owl babies!I started out just making small versions of my big owls but then had a dig thru my box of natural fibres and came across some lovely curly wensleydale wool and thought it would be the perfect thing to make owl babies from! I think they came out quite well... I love using this wool and have been hoarding it for ages until the perfect project came along!
Owl babies will be hitting the shop soon (I've started listing them today)... if anyone wants one reserving just let me know (convo me at etsy and I'll put one by for you)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Want to win a Feltmeupdesigns owl?

Well you are in the wrong place!!!

To celebrate my first new Inkmeup design since becoming self employed I am giving away a huge Owl goody bag to one lucky winner with a plethora of owl goodies including a notebook, prints, a lavender sachet and a Feltmeupdesigns Owl

So head over HERE for a chance to win.... hurry up!