Monday, 4 July 2011

Yeti Summer!

A while ago it snowed very hard... this was probably over a year ago because I was still at my old home. I wrapped myself in blankets and made 3 little yetis with soft curly fleece... I had a surprise last monday when I went to The Feltanomicon and found that 2 had sold!!!
What really surprised me was the tug on my heart strings as I wrapped them in tissue paper and wrote a little note to go with each one! I am really going to miss those yetis, they were very special to me! Immediately I sat down to make some more... these ones are for me to keep but being the business woman I am I made some for the shop too!
I've also been working hard on other Feltanomicon beasties both old and new... Cthulhu... or Feltathulhu as we like to call him... or Old Tentacle Face as we really like to call him! Has had a make over... he now has more elegant tentacles! He like them as they are longer... better for grabbing things to nom!
And I made a teeny thu... a pint size lesser evil minion! There are other projects in the pipeline but I'm keeping them under my hat... or somewhere near the top of my head at least!