Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday Sunday....

I hate Sundays!

This is not a random "this sunday is rubbish so I hate all sundays!" I actually do hate 'em. Mostly becasue for the last year I have work at the big W every single sunday... I'd very much like a day off now! Sundays are dull... we have few customers and we're pretty much garenteed that no matter how much work we do it won't be good enough for the boss.

I hate this particular sunday because the sun is shining and I have much better things to do with my time! Like make a million of these teeny tweets! My plan is to make one in every colour so I could do without having to work today!

Rant over... carry on!

The next blog comp is coming up soon, little heads up for all you avid felt followers... hint... this blog comp may feature teeny tweets!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday Fun

So it's bank holiday, I'm a bit cranky and tired cos John snored all night and I needed something to cheer me up! Etsy has been down for up date all morning what's a girl to do?

We recently go some fab stationary and books by Lotta Jansdotter at the bookshop where I languish in book hell as a book minion. They are gorgeous and I am so treating my self to both her books when I make more money. I'd love some of her post it notes but it seems a little indulgent for a gal struggling to pay the rent! (p.s you can get these at Waterstones where I am a book minion!)I decided fun could be had by making my own stamp/lino print... after all I am a fully qualified textile designer and I do have printing experience under my belt!
In traditional textile designer mode the first thing I did was make a mess! Kidding... I made a coffee then I made a mess! I got my lino and lino cutters from ebay (then stuck in a box with a one day I'll get to that gesture) and drew out my image... I then rubbed out my image and redrew it cos everything you print get reversed and I'd forgotten this!

I really enjoyed cutting out my lino... lino cutters are fun but lethal tho no major injuries were incured! I went for a tweet design, I have this thing that I'd love to customise my own stationary for feltmeupdesigns.
Here's the finished stamp, I realised after about 10mins of cutting out the lino around him I could just cut around him with a stanley knife so I did!

I then played around with my stamp stamping and then cutting away more lino where it wasn't right. I had such a fun morning... it was relatively inexpensive and I have a lino stamp I can use forever... or until I break it! It's not perfect but I am very happy with my first attempt and can't wait to try it again. (after I have made a million more birdies!)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Felt in the Media... Magazine madness!

After a mental weekend i've had a nice surprise, feltmeup has been featured in Vivalamoda online magazine in an article written by Swirly Arts aka Lynsey of etsy who writes this great blog called CuteableAlso featured are my lovely fellow Etsy Uk peeps Moocowhandknits and Claire Payne so its a good day for the uk. It's a lovely well written magazine and I have basically just lost a whole morning reading it!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Let Me Introduce you to... Part 3

So I thought I'd introduce you to another needlfelter whose work I admire today. I'd like you to meet ememem of etsy.

I love these bears they look so well made and cute and are wearable too! Look they have clips on the back! I love how they are photographed too... with the bunnies larking about in the background!I was first attracted to this shop when i saw one of these guys on front page of etsy, I love how you are invited to "Browse around, do snow angels, throw handflips and everything! Aand, don't forget to... you know... buy stuff (mumble, mumble)." when you enter this shop! I'm a big fan of snow angels so it's great being given permission to do them in a shop!

This really caught my eye to... the House of Flying Bears Mobile, I can really imagine how long it took to make and the level of work and detail is fantastic. Who can resist ememem's world of whimsey... I can't!

And check out her great flickr site while you're at it... I could spend a very happy day here but alas I have to work!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Little things...

As you have all probably come to realise I am easily pleased by shiney things! So when I found these coloured wires while looking for a suitable wire to replace the gold wire which has now gone out of production I was delighted!
My new wires come in many colours so far i have only got red, blue, pink, copper and silver but I'm Sure I'll be getting more soon! Little thngs eh?

Monday, 4 May 2009

Let me introduce you to... part 2

Today I want to introduce you to kitlane of etsy, I've been a huge fan of kitlane's work since I joined etsy and I even have some of her Jacabunnies and a Nurblet in my flat so I can really vouch for her high quality workmanship! And she has even staterd doing prints of her work if you are a little cash poor but still want to own a peice of genius!

Kit's has a fantastic sense of humor all her creations have little back ground stories and real quirky personalities. I love them all! If you want a serious giggle read her profile here
I love Kit's new "Peascapes" this is what she has to say about them "

Strangeland, located mid the woods at the end of the garden is busy with Feezles and Jacabobs collecting green nibbles after the long winter snoozles. The peas though, subsist on the goodness of sunshine and the comfort of squeezles"

I never knew peas had such a rich emotional life... this must explain the reluctance i have always had to eat peas... now I know why I can happily swear off pea's forever... I wouldn't want to be committing pea massacres at tea time now would I.
And how cute are these space peas? Adorable bonkers... I love this store!

Friday, 1 May 2009

My little felt empire has been growing ever more rapidly over the last year so I decided it was time to split the good from the evil and open a separate shop for my monters.

"The Feltanomicon!"

A long time ago a man called H.P Lovecraft wrote the Necronomicon, the Book of Dead Names... little did he realise that the book would be transformed into felt by a slightly odd geeky girl in the year 2009. This has all been inspired by my lovely assistant John and his fabulously geeky friends who were the first to request felt Cthulhu's.
I have Snapdragon Bead's alter ego, the Happy Crafter, to thank for the inclusion of keychains in my new store.These little Cthulhu in my pocket mini's are the first of hopefully many. I have so many ideas I need to add another day to the week to be able to make them all!

I've always been a fan of Lovecraft but I never knew how far the cult following went! The shop won't be exclusively Mythosian, there will be aliens, beholders, zombies... you name it... a little pile of cute evil! I am looking forward to attempting a Nyarlethotep tho!

The Feltanomicon is part of the feltmeupdesigns empire, conquering the world thru the medium of felt. New designs coming soon and the welcome return of Ogglets! So much fun to be had!