Monday, 4 May 2009

Let me introduce you to... part 2

Today I want to introduce you to kitlane of etsy, I've been a huge fan of kitlane's work since I joined etsy and I even have some of her Jacabunnies and a Nurblet in my flat so I can really vouch for her high quality workmanship! And she has even staterd doing prints of her work if you are a little cash poor but still want to own a peice of genius!

Kit's has a fantastic sense of humor all her creations have little back ground stories and real quirky personalities. I love them all! If you want a serious giggle read her profile here
I love Kit's new "Peascapes" this is what she has to say about them "

Strangeland, located mid the woods at the end of the garden is busy with Feezles and Jacabobs collecting green nibbles after the long winter snoozles. The peas though, subsist on the goodness of sunshine and the comfort of squeezles"

I never knew peas had such a rich emotional life... this must explain the reluctance i have always had to eat peas... now I know why I can happily swear off pea's forever... I wouldn't want to be committing pea massacres at tea time now would I.
And how cute are these space peas? Adorable bonkers... I love this store!


Anonymous said...

i love those jacabunnies!!!

Nicola said...

Aww they are gorgeous -
I can see why you'd admire her work, your cute birdies fit right in :)
Nicola x

Tammie Lee said...

I can see why you love this art, it is full of charm and whimsy. Thank you for sharing her.