Friday, 25 April 2008

Things I love part 2 !!!

Amongst my recent purchases one of the things I love most are my Laurafallulah hand embellished pumps! They are so lovely and comfortable and really cute. These pumps make for very happy feet! They even came with a beautiful hand sewn matching rose brooch which now graces my navy military coat. I bought these to celebrate getting my first repeat customer, which was a really great land mark day for feltmeup!

Laura's shop is full of beautiful hand sewn bags and purses and gifts. I'd hurry though she's only got one pair of size 6 pumps left, in red with pink roses!!!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Things I love

I love etsy... recently to cheer my self up and banish my blues I have spent a lot of money there! I felt I should share some of my etsy joy.

I bought this beautiful necklace from Gugaw and haven't taken it off since. It's beautiful and i love it. It's available in green and blue too. I love my red apple tho it's my favorite colour and so easy to wear.

When Will I be Famoose!

In a bid for world domination and global prosperity I have started my own facebook site where felty friends can become felty fans! If you are a felty fan and on facebook then you can join me here:

myspacers can still visit my sorely neglected myspace and become felty friends at:

On the plus side i've had my first sale to Argentina so we are becoming international! Curly Sue the needle felted sheep sold in less than 5 mins... I'm very happy about that!

Sunday, 20 April 2008


Oh My GOD!!! Norman brought some friends home last night and now they are everywhere!!! I can't get rid of the little blighters!

I didn't mind when he introduced me to Norbert his friend from university but then Norbert brought his kids, Norris and Norma along and they brought their little red friend from school, Chuck and the next thing I knew they were eating all my food and stealing my glasses!!!!
They are very cute but really... enough is enough!!! I managed to catch Chuck earlier and get my glasses mack but he won't tell me where he hid my phone and the others are no where to be found. I just have to hope that somebody will adopt the little buggers soon! Trouble is they have told their mates and there's a whole intergalactic coach load heading my way! Help!
(If you would like to help save my sanity you can adopt a little bugg... erm... fella here. Please... before they find my chocolate stash! No wait... it's too late!)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

From another planet!!!

Look what I found bundling around my garden... he must have got lost looking for the astronomy club in the park. He's very cute and told me his name is Norman. He says he's looking for someone to adopt him and can be adopted by visiting my etsy store.

Norman is very friendly, he told me he likes Disney movies especially Lilo and Stitch and monsters inc. He enjoys stargazing and hiking although he only has small legs so can't go very fast! Norman has been entertaining me with his tales of intergalactic travel, he offered to show me his slides but I declined!