Thursday, 31 March 2011

Above Us Only Sky...

So the move... I'm sure you're wondering how the new nest is coming along, well, it's great thanks!We're settling in but there's still alot to do before the studio is usable as such, so far we have just sorted out the kitchen and a cosy bit of living room to let us collapse in at the end of those hard days at work. As such the rest of the new flat is a bit of a tip and as much as I would love to show it to you it's all just slightly embarrassing!
I will however show you the thing that really sold the flat to us... forget the squeaky floorboards (the nightingale floor as I rather poetically dubbed it!), wobbly walls and the queer smell that comes up from the flat below every time they cook... look at those views!
I can safely say I now have no reason not to know what time it is... and there is even a teensy triangle of sea we can see... bliss eh?

Friday, 18 March 2011

Bye Bye Old Nest... Hello New Nest

We're moving!

The Menagerie has found a lovely new nest high up in the sky and have closed all the shops while we orchestrate the biggest tweet migration in the Northern Hemisphere. All the tweets are gathering on the roof top ready to start the migration, they are flapping their wings and warming up in preparation for the short flight to a much bigger nest with a room of their own for me to use as a studio.We'll be back after the 30th March but will be around to answer convos in the meantime it just may take a few days so please be patient. When we return we'll be having a nice big house warming party with (yes you've guessed it) a giveaway and maybe even some discount codes too.
I'll show you around the new nest once we are settled... it really does have some amazing views... we can even see the sea! (if you stand on a chair to look out of the window!)Back soon
Mel and the Tweets

Friday, 11 March 2011

Heading to the New Nest and a Discount Code

We got the keys to our new nest today and I'm very excited... although it looks like I will have to close the shop for a few days after the 19th as our internet access may be a little hit and miss for a week or so. If you need tweets then you might want to order now as normal service may be interrupted for some time!

So until the if you enter the code NEWNEST at checkout you can get 25% off your order.I'm really looking forward to the new home, especially as it will have my studio in it! I can't wait to show you my pictures of the flat and some of the best views in Scarborough... we can see the sea if we stand on a chair from one room!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

In Which The Feltmaker Is distracted...

Hi Guys... no blogs for a while peeps and I am sorry about that. All my energy and attention has been focussed on moving house and on friday we get the keys to our new nest!
The the tweets and hoots are very excited, mostly because the will be getting their own room in a big flat high, high up in the sky. That is to say I shall be getting my own space to use as a studio/office... I really can't wait.