Friday, 18 March 2011

Bye Bye Old Nest... Hello New Nest

We're moving!

The Menagerie has found a lovely new nest high up in the sky and have closed all the shops while we orchestrate the biggest tweet migration in the Northern Hemisphere. All the tweets are gathering on the roof top ready to start the migration, they are flapping their wings and warming up in preparation for the short flight to a much bigger nest with a room of their own for me to use as a studio.We'll be back after the 30th March but will be around to answer convos in the meantime it just may take a few days so please be patient. When we return we'll be having a nice big house warming party with (yes you've guessed it) a giveaway and maybe even some discount codes too.
I'll show you around the new nest once we are settled... it really does have some amazing views... we can even see the sea! (if you stand on a chair to look out of the window!)Back soon
Mel and the Tweets


Lizzie said...

Sounds cool... I'd love to be able to see the sea from my window (even if I had to stand on a chair). Very little chance of that - we're about as far inland as you can be in UK! I can see the tops of the trees by the river though...

I hope you enjoy your new studio. It's great having your own room to work in - I have had mine for just over a year and (barring recent shelving disaster!), it's been great. I can leave things out as I am working and they'll still be there, as I left them, when I return - amazing!

Good luck with the moving day!

Steven Allender said...

Dear Tweets, I do hope all goes well with your move and that Feltsworth doesn't get deaded. : )

Carmen said...

I agree with Lizzie, only had my room since Christmas but Ilove it so much now and the extra freedom it's given me.

Good luck Tweets, fly safe ;)

Pili said...

Best of luck to you and the tweets for the move! Be sure to avoid lamp posts and trees to collide with!

Enjoy settling down in the new studio and I'll be keeping an eye on the shop and giveaway while on vacation!