Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tiny Robins... Exclusive

So if you've been paying attention you may have noticed my new and shiny website, Well the website is finally and properly live, the webshop has almost got my full range in and I finally managed to get to grips with the shipping options thingie! (yep it was just me being dumb! Thanks Yola you really helped out there with your forums!)

Now that my webshop is up and running I want to offer my felty fans some perks... after all the point of having my own webshop was so I could offer my customers the best service possible! So I have added a couple of exclusive products to the website that you won't find any where else.

Firstly there are the tiny and super tiny robins they are super cute and only available from at a special price of £4.50 and £7.50 until the end of September when I shall add them to my Etsy and folksy shops (If we have any left!) at their regular price of £5 and £8.

Then there are the Tweets... I have offered Tweets for years but this is the first time you can customise your tweets! You can choose your body colour from the shop and then use the handy dandy drop down menus to select heart colour and leg colour for a totally customisable Tweet!  I will be adding more colour variations as timee goes by but if you want something you can't see there I will take custom orders so just message me and I'll be happy to discuss colours.

The other nifty thing that webshop shoppers benefit from is flat rate shipping, on other sites you pay and extra fee of 50p shipping per bird but on the webshop (as my way of saying thankee and giving a wee discount) you only pay a flat rate based on where you are in the world... yep... no extra fees! How good is that?

I'm pretty certain the website will keep getting tweaked every 5 mins because I'm a perfectionist (have OCD) and it'll never be finished but I am getting closer... thanks everyone who spell checked and clicked all the links to make sure it works... You're awesome!