Melanie Ann Green was born in circumstances unknown, what we do know is that she was raised by birds in a big felt nest at the top of a very high mountain. In homage to her feathered foster parents she now creates needle felted birds in a variety of styles.

I was really born and raised in Leeds in 1979. I graduated from Loughborough University in 2001 with a degree in multimedia textile design and studied teaching at Huddersfield university, graduating 2005.

I took a community course in felting in 2006 and fell in love with all it's techniques, felting is a magical process by which piles of fluffy stuff are turned in to smaller neater stronger creations, needle felting involves using a barbed needle to prod, poke and generally bully fleece into shapes.

I have been selling online since 2007 and have moved from making bags and purses to making bunnies to making birds... now it's pretty much all birds, you could call it an obsession. I also draw and print, specialising in Gocco printing and Lino Cut.

You can find my work for sale at my website Feltmeupdesigns.com or you can contact me at MelanieAnnGreen@feltmeupdesigns.com