Monday, 11 January 2016

Hello 2016... Buh Bye 2015

So here we are in 2016... In many ways I feel like it took me a long time to get here... I mean it's already into the 2nd full week in January and here I am only just doing my blog post but 2015 was so jam packed with stuff I can hardly remember it all!

So I suppose it's time to think about last year and give you a big fat review of the year! 2015 was a big year for me... I can't tell you what I did for the first few months ( I inexplicably stopped blogging for a while!) ... too much has been going on and I can't remember it all, there were new designs with Chaffinches becoming my new favorite thing to make.

The I did a little Kickstarter project which went crazy and and made me a little crazy... all I wanted to do was make some tea towels but I ended up adding mugs and totebags to my product line and being very silly for a while!

And then off the back of that I go my very own studio!

And I made Penguins! (somehow in all the craziness and before Christmas too!)

And then Christmas happened... it was my best Christmas yet business wise... penguins vs robins happened (robins won out in the end but only just!) I also introduced some new hanging decorations... which did very well over Christmas and looked cute on the tree!

I spent the first part of January struggling to shrug off a virus I picked up over Christmas, it took me longer to get over it than it should have which is probably down to working like a maniac for the last few months and not giving myself a break. Something which I aim not to do this year!!! Also the studio sprung a leak... then it sprung another leak and I'm stuck waiting for other people to do things so I can do things. It's hard to work to the sound of dripping no matter how high you crank up the music!

So once that's fixed and I can finish decorating the studio I plan on making some new designs, bigger birds and more exciting things! At the moment I'm busy planning, researching and looking into being more organised this year!