Thursday, 23 January 2014

Time for a Change

It's the new year! Well it's 3 weeks into the New Year and as ever I am slightly tardy!

Last year was... well if I am totally honest last year was a drag of one minor catastrophe after another, personally we seemed to stumble from one blah to another blah with nothing but blah in between. I'm not complaining here, you understand, I'm not saying it was a bad year... it just wasn't good, it wasn't great... it wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

Professionally things were going well for me but the personal stuff really started to drag me down, so much so that mid September I was just wishing the rest of the year away... which is not good... the realities of working for myself, at home seriously kicked in and I began to feel a little like a robin making factory.

What to do? I asked myself.

Who the Hell knows, myself answered, have another biscuit make some more robins and deal with it in the new year.

Don't mind if I do, I answered, and took another biscuit.

So it's the New Year and myself has popped up again waving biscuits at me and telling me that instead of making robins I ought to make wedding cake toppers and deal with all that other stuff in the summer... this time I am ignoring myself!

So what's this rant all about then? Well mostly I'm letting off steam but I am also informing you lot out there in blog land that change is gonna come! I haven't quite decided yet if I am going to be tearing down the old blog and starting again somewhere else or just revamping this one and getting rid of a lot of stuff... right now I am pretty much in favour of burning it to the ground and starting again somewhere fresh in the blogosphere. I'm just that kind of girl...

So I shall keep you posted... and where ever I end up I hope you will be coming with me because all you people out there in internet land are what has been keeping me going... and I thank you for it!