Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Every Colour Tweet Felt Challenge

I have (perhaps rather foolishly) set my self a challenge to make on of these little guys in every colour fleece that I have.
The idea came about while I was trying to think of a better way to show customers what colours they can choose from for wedding cake toppers and what the cutest way of doing this would be... I didn't just want to direct people to my suppliers sites because I use several different suppliers... and then I realised that no only would be be cute but then I can sell the little bird off once they are finished!

The only problem is I have so much fleece that it's going to take me quite a while to do! But in the meantime I am getting lots of cute photos! I've done my yellows, oranges and blues and shall be moving on to pinks and greens next! I can't wait to see what they all look like together!
I Have put some on little strings to make a window display at The Eatme Space Gallery where I am now working every Friday and Saturday to entice customers in, they make a cute window display don't you think? You can find me in the gallery from 11am till 3pm every fri and sat now... I'll be sitting in there working away and waving to passer-byes!
You can also follow the Gallery on facebook... I'll be looking after the facebook page and posting new exhibitions and news regularly!