Thursday, 16 April 2009

Blog Comp Update!

In true disorganised fashion I hadn't really thought out this blog comp... so this is what's happening!

All the entries have been collected and scrutinised by my lovely assistant (John!) and we've picked the ones that I can make out of the selection (sorry guys somethings I just can't do in miniature!) These have then gone into a hat... a lovely English heritage baseball cap... and 5 have been picked out!

I shall now make these 5 and hold a vote for the winner... the winning design will be sent to the designer and Joyfulness shall ensue! There were too many great ideas and I want to make them all!

In the meantime, look what my lovely assistant brought back from York... mmm...he's the best boyfriend!


niftyknits said...

LOL, these things never quite work out as we think, do they? Looking forward to seeing the 5.

Jennifer Rose said...

yum chocolate :D

look forward to seeing the designs :)

HannahMary said...

Teehee, suspension is keeping me glued.
you must have found it so tricky, there were so many excellent ideas.
looking forward to seeing them.
good luck x

Aria said...

I'm very excited to see who has their tweets selected to be made! I'm sure they will all be adorable.

Sebastian said...

Gawd... I missed out!

I would've gone for a ninja tweet. Or perhaps a greater, bearded tweet.

Next time... next time.