Sunday, 26 April 2009

And the winner is...

Votes have been tallied from all voting threads, the blog and face book. It was so close right to the end but I am happy to announce the winner is....

Ringo by Big Blue Bed of etsy, BBB has a great shop, I urge you to check it out. Alix makes fun handmade clothes & accessories. She makes these dorset button thingies which are so cute! They are made with cotton thread and lots of sew and I'm guessing a great deal of skill and time!

BBB will recieve her feltmeup goody bag including her tweet and anything else I have hanging around the studio! Well done Alix!


Anonymous said...

fantastic! they were all wonderful but hugs and congrats to bbb x

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you!! Thank you Felt running this brilliant competition and for making such wonderful tweets. They were all so lovely that it is extra special that Ringo won.

And thank you to everyone who voting for me.

I am a very happy person.

Sebastian said...

Bah, what a gyp! The ballet tutu-wearing tweet should've won!

*tears up his ticket*

The winner is very cute too though, and beautifully... felted! :)

Collette said...

Congrats Bigbluebed! Ringo is adorable!
I still think they are all too cute to choose just one though! So glad I wasn't the one who had to do the choosing.

Felt your tweets are great!