Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New Arrivals at the menagerie

Spring is in the air and at the seaside here in Scarborough the sun is shining and the birds are singing (well the seagulls are screaming!) and the tweets have been having babies!

Ok so they haven't... I made them! But it would make life easier if they reproduced on their own! Teeny tweets are returning to the menagerie and over the next few days I shall be listing some mummy and baby and daddy and baby pairs and I shall be offering families on a custom order basis.

They are super cute little families and I love making them. I am often asked for wedding cake toppers including a baby tweet or two!

My favourite of my little families is this little pale yellow and apricot coloured family, I think they would look fab perched on the top of an Easter cake! Then of course they can be on display all year round!
The teeny tweets are looking forward to more new arrivals soon and keeping an eye out for the next giveaway!


Lizzie said...

Totally adorable and super-cute! They really look fabulous. Do you have a red baby with white heart, or a white baby with a red heart... There's a mummy birdie here (courtesy of your good self!) who would welcome a baby or two...

hotdogandme said...

you've been sunshined!! Go to my blog for details.

Daniela & Andreas said...

These are so lovely, I often see your adorable work all over Etsy. Very well done!


Debbie said...

These are far too cute and i can see an order being placed shortly!! Too too sweet!!