Friday, 18 January 2008

Bloggers Delight

Well... Being new to blogging myself, I would like to point out the list of fabulous sites just to the right of this here screen... no ... bit ... lower... lower... there ya go!!! That would be a list of some of my favorite sites and blogs. Some of the I visit alot, some of them I visit occasionally. But they are all well worth a look.

Sometimes I will use my blog to promote others... It's all part of being part of Etsy, an online community of craftspersons and artists who like to sell their work and chat.
Etsy has done a lot for me over the past year from offering support and comfort when I was sad to helping me sell my things and I want to give something back. The Etsy posse are so generous in promoting each other, especially the Etsy UK posse!!!, so here's a bit of love back for them.

Have a little flick thru the sites... you won't be disappointed... I suggest you start with one of my faves, Siansburys who makes the cutest sock monkeys ever, my personal current fave being the Obi Wan Monkey... just fab.

Or check out Sheepish Lion who not only has a great name but make fabulous jewellery mixing felt and other materials. On of my favorite felty sites is the international association of feltmakers, which I'm soon to be a card carrying member and I can't wait for my membership to come through!!! Great resource for felters.

Go on have a look!


alabama whirly said...

you write so lovely in your blog, it made me smile x

Siansburys said...

Yay for the UK etsy masseeeve!! Great post!
Thanks so much for the mentione-ie :D
Sian x