Sunday, 13 January 2008

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone.

Ok so i know i am a bit late with it but hey at least I said it!!! No new years resolution this year. I have decided instead that this will be the year that my life changes.

I have spent a long time "trying" to be an artist/ crafts person and I have decided that this year i will make it happen or at least make positive steps towards making my dream a reality. I hope to apply for an arts council grant to be able to make large scale felt vessels or tentacle pots as i like to call them. I want to get involved in community arts and have been researching the good work the Artlink do in my area. I have picked up an artworker application form from them and will hopefully be able to get involved as soon as I get a criminal records check.

On top of all this I will be continuing to sell work on etsy and source new outlets for my work.

My little head is buzzing with so many ideas that I hardly know where to start!!!! I can't wait!!! This year WILL be a good one.

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Fibrespace said...

Happy New Year, hope it all works out for you, sounds like you have an exciting year ahead.