Thursday, 4 June 2015

50 Ways To Use a Tea Towel Part 4 - Adventures with your tea towel

The kickstarter project is 211% funded! Yay! I'm still going strong though! Additional funds will be used to set up a studio space in bigger premises as my spare room is woefully inadequate!

I've now been able to add mugs to the rewards and you can add a mug to any reward that already contains a tea towel or felted bird. Unfortunately the smaller paper rewards can't be added to as the postage goes all squiffy!

If you've already backed but want a mug, you can select a different reward by going to "manage your pledge" or you can raise your pledge by £8 if you are in the UK and by £9 if you are in any other country and MESSAGE ME, I don't mean to shout but if you don't message me I won't know why you are giving me extra cash!

 So with a blithe sense of wrong doing Mr Felt and I set off for a seaside adventure... with our tea towel! We live by the sea, in Scarborough, UK, so we don't often get to pretend to be tourists!
Mr John Looking Dapper with a Tea Towel Bandana
 And we took our tea towel with us because it folds down to a tiny square... so much easier then taking a heavy beach towel!

11. Wear it as a bandana to keep your bonce warm on the open top bus... also protects from sea gull bombs!

12. Use it to keep you coiffure in place while riding said bus!
Keeping my hair from becoming to unruly in the wind!

13. Flap it wildly at the seagulls when they start to fly too close on the open top bus!

After our bus ride we walked the last bit along the beach to the sealife centre. I took my shoes off for a paddle!

14. Use it to dry your toes/remove sand after a paddle. I keep my tea towel in a little plastic bag to prevent sand spreading through all my worldly goods in my handbag.

 15. Use it as a tiny beach blanket to prevent you getting sand in your knickers!

16. Build a sand castle and use it as a giant flag!

We then made our way to the sea life centre. We got to see the otters who are usually asleep when we go, which was nice... I totally believed it was an empty pen!

Otter smooch.. mwah!
 Then it was another trip back on the open top bus and to The Weclcome Inn on the seafront for lunch! Nom!
Smiley Ray says Nom!

 17. Use it as a bib when you're eating a giant burger! (don't do this if you used it to dry your feet, sandy burgers not recommended!)

we wanted ice cream but it had started to rain and we didn't fancy soggy cones or there would have been:

18. Use it as a bib/face cloth when you eat a massive ice cream from the Harbor Bar!

Tired from out big day out we stumbled home via the Funicular railway... it was spotting with rain a little so:

19. Fashion it into an impromptu shelter when the typical British weather kicks in!

Thus ends our seaside adventure with our tea towel!

You can back the kickstarter project and get your own tea towel here:

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