Tuesday, 16 June 2015

50 Ways to Use a Tea Towel Part 8 - The First Aid Edit

So this morning I hadn't had my coffee yet and decided to unload the washing machine... which was all kinds of stoopid because before coffee I can't be trusted with complex tasks! I stood up too quickly and brained my self on the kitchen cupboard. As I was listening to the pretty birds tweeting in my head I realised that a (clean) tea towel has many applications in first aid!

(disclaimer if you have come here for genuine medical advice try NHS direct instead... I'm just silly!)

31. Alternative ways to treat a head injury.If you don’t have any ice cubes use a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel soaked in cold water and wrung out. (or just wrap the peas in a tea towel like I did!)

32. For Cramps wrap a hot water bottle in a tea towel and apply to the achey bit! 

33.If you don’t have dressing pads to put pressure on a wound a tea towel or even the person’s own hands can be used to put pressure on the wound and stop or slow down the flow of blood. (note maybe use a less nice tea towel than mine ok?)

34. Make a snazzy sling (ok this may only work for little people and teddy bears!


35. Dress a head wound (prevents brain from falling out!)

36. To treat a burn or scald, place the burnt area under running cold water until the pain eases. This may take up to 15 minutes. Cover the area with a clean dry tea towel (or something similar.) Do not pull clothes off a burnt area. Do not prick blisters. Do not put oil or cream on a burn. If the burn is large then seek medical advice at casualty.

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Lynda pinfold said...

Definitely use a different teatowel from yours for first aid 😊 xxx