Monday, 8 June 2015

10 Ways to Use a Mug

So lately I have been DREAMING  about tea towels! Seriously I had a dream that Jason Momoa wanted to buy a tea towel and I wouldn't let him!

So for a change let's talk mugs! Now your average mug is not as versatile as a tea towel, for example you can't take it with you to the beach... you might break it! You can't use it to dry dishes (but you can dry it with a tea towel! But our humble mugs still has some great and surprising uses:

1. Drink a lovely hot beverage from it... I like coffee, white, 1 sugar or peppermint tea... and chocolate digestives for preference.
2.It makes a great pen pot for all the sharpies that I bought for totally legitimate reasons!

 3. It makes a really lovely pot for a little plant! My little cactus pal here is from Yarntistry but if you are using real plants I'd suggest a plastic pot inside the mug so it can drain properly.

 4. Ssssshhhhhh! (if you drink wine from your mug nobody will know it's wine!) Also it's super classy I don't care what anyone else says!
 5.No speakers for your I-pod or shiny smart phone? Music sounding like a mosquito stuck in a tin can... no probs... pop it in a mug a voila! It's an amplifier (look at me I'm techie now!)

6. Make a mug cake, they are yummy... they do tend to be a little dry sometime but I find a bit of ice cream or custard helps and stuffing a spoonful of nutella in the middle makes a really nice sauce... just let it cool a bit first! I like THIS one!

7. Make a cookie in a mug with a microwave! Yep... you heard it here... a cookie! So I tried this out just for you and while what I ended up with was kind of a fudgey/cookie/cakey mess with a dollop of ice cream on top it was delicious! (no pics cos it really did look like death!) Here's the recipe on Spoon University. This one seriously give it a bit of time to cool because the result is molten!

8. Don't want to wash up? Make scrambled egg in a mug and then eat it from the mug! Just whip up your eggs and add a splash of milk, some herbs, salt and pepper if you want them and bung in microwave... I cook it in 30 second bursts then take it out and give it a mix until it's cooked. Yum!

9. Make a  meat loaf in a mug... seriously who needs an oven and plates when you have a microwave and a mug! I haven't tried this but the fact that I could do you a whole 3 course meal including soup, main and a desert all in mugs in the microwave is awesome... I can't guarantee it'll taste good but we only own 4 plates and seem to have about 20 mugs!

10.  It makes a rather splendid gift, see you can pop a nice bag of sweeties (or a mini wine bottle just sayin'!) and a little gift inside a mug and then it's a lovely surprise when unwrapped. Oh hey... I bet a tea towel would fit nicely inside a mug too!

So yes! Mugs are versatile and useful as well as being pretty! I've learn you can sharpen a knife with the base of one although I can't be trusted with sharp things!

You can get my mug by pledging at Kickstarter and you can add a mug to any pledge but scolling down to the FAQs and checking out how to there :D

Right where's my wine mug... I mean coffee... coffee... I'm not drinking wine honest!


Caz said...

Your mugs are so cute! And very handy ;-) although why you wouldn't give Jason Momoa a tea towel is beyond me :-P haha!

Lynda pinfold said...

Love the idea of microwaving everything in a mug, got to be tried 😄😄