Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Kickstarter Doodle Birds Now With Added Mugs!


Did you hear that!

That's you guys smashing through my first Kickstarter stretch goal!!!

If you don't know what a stretch goal means then let me explain. Basically the project is funded and I achieved what I set out to do... but... the project still has 24 days to go and you can still pledge funds and get rewards. So to keep it interesting and to give me new things to obsess about I can add stretch goals, these are targets that I set which if I meet them you guys get extra stuff!

Stretch Goal 1 was to make if to £1500... we smashed that! The extra funds will enable to add mugs to my product line and I've added them to kickstarter as extra rewards and oh yeah... you can now get mugs as rewards! Head over the Kickstarter page and scroll down to FAQs at the very bottom to find out how to add one to and existing reward.

Stretch Goal 2

£2000 - Studio Goal

SO! I've applied for a studio space (I don't know if I've got it yet so I can't tell you more) if we can raise another £500 to take us over £2000 then the extra funds will pay for the legal fees and setting up costs of the studio, you'll enable me to buy furniture, storage and all the fixings to make my studio shiny and professional looking so I can make even more lovely things for you!

If we smash this goal too all backers who are having rewards posting out will have a mini postcard sized print of the cardinal included in their package. This is a sneaky peek at the project I'm currently working on.

I'll be updating you with more ways to use a tea towel very soon but today I am having a day off (despite the 3 hours of work I've already done... they don't count!) 


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