Friday, 19 June 2015

Folksy Friday - When It Rains Look for Rainbows

Rainbow Doodle Birds Nursery Print
I've been pootling about Folksy today to bring you some of my favourite folksy finds!All these sellers are people I've been stalking... I mean following for years! They are all super awesome!
Cloud coasters from Pygmy Cloud
 You can't have a rainbow without rain! These lovely clouds from Pygmy Cloud are brilliant! You could put a rainbow doodle birds mug on them!
The Sun Has Got His Hat on by Hello Dodo

The other thing you need for a rainbow is sunshine, I love Hello Dodo and the sun has indeed got his hat on today! 
Janine Basil's hair accessories Rainbow Bow

I love Janine Basil's hair bows, perfect rainbows for anyone with hair! You've probably seen me running about dressed as a superhero with a Boom hair clip!

Rainbow Lolly Card from The Nosuch Disco
If The Sn comes out you'll be needing a lollipop to eat while looking at that rainbow!
Flower Mirror from ThirtyFive Flowers

After the rain and the sun you get flowers! This pretty flower could be a sunshine too from ThirtyFive Flowers

More rainbows over at my Kickstarter Campaign, pretty soon there will be rainbow doodle birds tea towels and mugs on Folksy but you can pre order your tea towels and mugs over at my Kickstarter page.

Happy Folksy Friday Folks! Have a great rainbowy weekend!


Lynda pinfold said...

What super makes you've shared 😊 xxx

Lynda pinfold said...

What super makes you've shared 😊 xxx