Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Kickstarter Doodle Birds Tea Towel Project

So I launched my Kickstarter last night and we are already at 63% funded which is amazing after just 24 hours. I'm raising funds to turn my doodle birds design into a fabulous tea towel. Read all about the project and listen to me waffle on about it here:

If you aren't familiar with Kickstarter have a gander at their site and see how fab it is! Basically Kickstarter is a crowd funding site. A way in which normal folks like me can raise funding for creative projects which otherwise we wouldn't be able to afford. So I'm going to use my funds to produce a run of at least 100 lovely tea towels!

It works like this, you check out a project and if you like it you pledge funds towards it which are collected by Kickstarter once the project is over, in return for your pledge you get rewards which each project creator makes themselves ... if the project isn't fully funded, the creator of the project (me) get zero funds, you don't get charged and I cry for a bit. If it does get funded I jump up and down like a crazy person, have some pink wine, your funds get sent to me and I make pretty stuff! Get it? Got it? Good!

I have some awesome rewards that you won't be able to get anywhere else, prints, stickers, original artwork, felty birds and tea towels of course. So have a gander and if you can't pledge please share... any help is appreciated.

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