Wednesday, 27 May 2015

50 Uses for a Tea Towel part 1

 So over the next 30 days while my Kickstarter is running I'm going to try and discover/share 50 uses for a tea towel as it's day one lets start with a few to get the ball rolling.

1. Pin it to the wall, it's pretty enough

 2: Use it to wrap a wine bottle, come one we all know what's in those wine bags anyway and this is much prettier!

 3: Use a tea towel to wrap a gift, maybe a foodie gift, maybe not but this way the wrapping is a gift too and it's not gonna be thrown out like paper wrapping so it's better for the environment, and cuter!
Add a homemade tag and pretty ribbon and it's a perfect little parcel!

4: If you really must you could always use it to dry your dishes!

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More Uses for a Tea Towel tomorrow!



Heather Leavers said...

I want to see John modelling it as a towel tomorrow. kthx

Melanie Ann Green said...

No... No you don't! Lol