Thursday, 28 May 2015

50 Ways To Use A Tea Towel Part 2: Kickstarter Update

So, quite incredibly, my Kickstarter project is 100% funded in just under 2 days! Wowser... huge huge huge thanks to everyone for their support! Thank you!

So I know you aren't here to listen to me gush about how wonderful you are for supporting me so here's what you came for 

50 Ways To Use A Tea Towel Part 2- The Baking Special

 5. Use a tea towel under your mixing bowl to stop it sliding everywhere.

 6. Wipe your grubby paws on it (unless they are covered in chocolate in which case lick them clean, who wastes chocolate like that!)

 7. Hot! Hot! Hot! Don't burn your fingers if you can't find the oven gloves, double up your tea towel and use it to remove hot brownies from the oven!

8. Place a damp tea towel under your chopping board to stop it sliding about (especially if you are using John's over sized chopper!)

9. Having baked your brownies, make your self a nice pot of coffee and wrap the tea towel around it to act as a cozy! (tip do this before you put hot water in or it's virtually impossible to wrap a hot coffee pot in a tea towel!) and then have a brownie with your coffee!

More ways to use a tea towel coming soon.

The Kickstarter Doodle Birds Tea Towel project is still going, visit the page to see how much we've raised so far and to get your own tea towel and exclusive rewards.

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Caz said...

I love your tea towel idea! I'm always on the look out for fun tea towels but a lot of them are boring!!