Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Big Birdies at The Felt Menagerie

I've been pretty quiet in the blogosphere lately, I've been keeping my head down and working hard and haven't had the energy to blog so I thought we were well over due an update since the last one I posted was in April. The last 2 months have pretty much been about weddings, wedding cake toppers and generally going mental making them (yellow and grey are the current bestsellers!) but I have managed to fit some fun time in for myself as well and made 2 big barn owls.

I made the first one as an experiment and love her sweet little face but I wasn't totally happy with her tail and wings so I set out making another one. The 2nd owl has a much fluffier bum and looks a bit like he is wearing very frilly knickers! They look so cute as a pair!

The owls stand at around 7.5 inches tall and each took more than a week to complete... although I wasn't working on them continuously because this feltmaker has a very short attention span! I had so much fun making big owls I am planning on making a bunch more next on the list is either a snowy owl or a scops... I haven't quite decided!

Also I have been watching lots of nature programs and think I really need to make some more life sized realistic babies to go with the adult birds as the babies grow very fast and are almost the same size as the adults but really really fluffy!

One barn owl is up for sale already in my shop here at etsy and the other shall be up for sale soon.

On another note I am currently languishing at 1197 etsy sales so pretty soon I'll be passing the 1200 mark... and you all know what that means... yes... we'll be having a giveaway! Yay!


Pili said...

Oh my! Those big barn owls are fantastic, I love them!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

0.o those are great! *cries at empty wallet*

Heather Leavers said...

They are fabulous, your birds are getting better and better - and I wouldn't actually have thought that was possible!

StrangePuppy said...

Hello Precious! I see you on FB! Love ALL your birdes! <3

Stef said...

Morning! Have nominated you for a Versatile Blog award

Meredith Danann said...

these are adorable!