Monday, 24 May 2010

A blog a day... Holiday Project

It's not often that an unexpected holiday falls in your lap! This week I checked my rota at work and found that I had been given a holiday to use up holiday hours... yay! Totally unplanned and I'm broke so I can't go anywhere... Oh no you might think... but you would be wrong!This little crafter is totally chuffed to have a week off and has major plans to work my butt off and do all those thing I would do if I didn't have to be a bookslave 20 hours of the week!Wren Notebooks
Starting Monday I plan to do a blog a day to motivate myself, monday is about sorting out so today I am cleaning the house, tidying my craft stuffs and I received a lovely delivery of ribbons and am wrapping all my notebooks for Inkmeup, I may even do some paper work!

Kingfisher notebooks
Keep your eyes peeled for Tuesday's blog... hopefully I'll have lot of interesting things to show you!


Anonymous said...

careful! the tweets are at the ribbonz... said...

Those ribbons are so cute hope you have fun crafting!

Deepa said...

*drools at the ribbon*
Hope you have a fab week of crafting, yay!

Lucy Jackson Designs said...

Yay for unexpected holidays )

M.M.E. said...

What wonderful news! I hope you have a great holiday.

Sarah said...

Look at all that lovely ribbon!
Enjoy your week off!

zzombiegirl said...

I'm on holiday this week too!! I'm trying to keep myself busy also! Seeing your cute we designs has inspired me to try and learn how to do needle felting, I'll post any decent results!!!

Jen x

feltmeup designs said...

thanks guys

zzombiegirl you'll love needle felting, it's great for relieving stresses!