Thursday, 27 May 2010

Blog A day 4 Take 2... Gloria to the Rescue

Phew... finally the plumber has gone and there I was getting annoyed cos I couldn't work! He's coming back tomorrow so I thought while I had the chance I would get a sneaky bit of work done.

I decided to make a chicken friend for Doris to stop her getting lonely, I called her Gloria... for a while she was called Florence but she had more of a Gloria feeling to her!

I took the opportunity to stamp several Gloria's on to cloth in prep for tomorrow so while the plumber man is finishing off my boiler I can sew some Gloria's together!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous sketch - and loving your new *stamp* range :)) said...

Doris looks fab I love the personality these chickens have, fantastic!

thodwold-mailbox said...

That's a superb chicken! Looks a bit of a character :)