Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pincusion Swap

I recently got involved in a swap... now I don't normally do these but when Clairepayne asked me if I wanted to join in I had to say yes! After all I took part in the monkey swap last year!
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And look at the awesome goodies i got from my swap partner Jill. Lots of lovely buttons and beads, some gorgeous crocheted flowers (I do not have the crochet gene!) flowery pins, a kitkat (which John ate!) and this wonderful retro fabric heart pin cushion!Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... I am a very happy bunny! My heart is currently hanging out with my heart collection in my kitchen window until I can find my sewing stuff which is still buried from when John moved in!
This is what I sent to Jill with lots of goodies! Jill has blogged her end of the swap here.


niftyknits said...

oh I love the little grassy mound your tweet is sitting on ;-)

Lizzie said...

What a great swap! I love the heart pin-cushion.. but I love your Tweet one even more! Any chance of some in your shop some time soon? I need a proper pincushion - just now I use a piece of foam packaging (yes it is sad, I know..sob...).

John should pay for his kit-kat by finding your sewing stuff!

What are the shiny round things in that white box btw?

feltmeup designs said...

The shiny things are coloured threads Lizzie


cutedesigns said...

Aw, that's lovely what you made. :D

I've done a couple of swaps in the past and they've been fun.

winnibriggs said...

You got some lovely things there and so ddi your partner, he is so cute!