Friday, 9 April 2010

Blog competition.... coming soon!

Well As I limp ever closer to 400 positive feedbacks on etsy I feel a huge wave of generosity and good feeling towards my fellow man.
As soon as I reach 400... well there will be a special giveaway... I must find a prize and a good one too!
Ooooooo! What will it be?


Lizzie said...

Mel, I was so happy to win your giveaway near Valentine's day. I love my little red tweet! (In fact, I should have saved up soon, to buy her a companion!!)

What better prize than a tweet or two? Maybe a teeny nestful, to celebrate springtime?

Or a "Real Bird" tweet? They are so fabulous...

andreanna glamasaurus said...

I love all your tweets! I can't really pick one but the ones wiht hearts are super duper cute!

popple79 said...

I love Tweet Hoot Little Tawny Owl in chestnut brown - soooo sweet!

I have RT'd on Twitter too:

Thank you x x