Saturday, 24 October 2009

Keeping it real...

Well last weeks mammoth post kinda knocked me out so if you are waiting for part 2 of Tips I'm afraid this isn't it! But worry ye not there will be another tips soon... when I have recovered. In the mean times I thought I'd share my real bird tweets with you.

The punks all wanted to be photographed together so puffin posed with blackbird and magpie so they didn't feel left out!

And my brand new kingfisher demanded a close up too!

We're heading down to a gallery today to see if the nice people there would like to stock them and just in cases I thought a family portrait might be in order. The tweets will be in the shop as usual and we'll see what the real world makes of my real bird tweets!


dottydaisies said...

wow what a collection of tweets x

Steffi said...

That is understandable! You wrote a LOT!

I love the red tweety from the first and last picture. SO cute. :)

Oh...and good luck with the gallery. I am sure they will do fine! :)

GreenRiverStudio said...

They look great and my little Kenny AKA 'the kingfisher' is soooo handsome!