Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Little Scanning Madness!

Big thanks to Stargazy for her suggestion of Inkmeup as a shop name, I love it!

Well the preparations for Inkmeup are continuing, the shop is in place, the policies are all completed, banner, avatar and profile are done... now all I need is stock! Today is a frenzy of scanning, photographing and generally going a bit nuts figuring out postal cost and what to charge for prints!Here are a few teaser pics to wet your appetite... now where did I put that camera again?


Sneddonia said...

Hearted you already x

Steffi said...

Great shop name. :) May it be as successful as Felt me up. :)

Illusio said...

And, I hope you have lots of success with your shop.

feltmeup designs said...

nope i have scanned them for the purpose of listing on etsy

all prints are gocco original screen prints, my printers suck way too much to actually produce something slaeable so it's gocco all the way!