Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Big Knit... adventures in shopping part 1

What's that!

I paid a visit to the shops today for my weekly shop and fancied one of my favorite smoothies and look what I found on top of it!

I'm having this!

This little hat is part of Sainsbury's and Innocent's charity campaign to support Help the Aged and Age Concern 35p of the price of your Innocent product will go to these charities and you can only get them in Sainsburys. So get yourself down there and buy a tweet hat... I mean innocent smoothie!
And I shall be the envy of all my friends!

There may be a lot of tweets with little hats this year and I intend to dust off my needles in time for next years knit-a-thon! So much fun... and it's very very cute!

Innocent's blog

The Big Knit


Jo said...

that is one cool dude tweet :)

Anonymous said...

that's seriously cute - and the hat just looks perfect on your tweet!!

Steven Allender said...


feltmeup designs said...

buy smoothies then... it's for charidee mate!

Lyn said...

So sweet tweet!

dottydaisies said...

you must do more tweets with hats they look so good !

Steffi said...

Awww...your tweet looks SO adorable with that hat!!! :D

Jennifer Rose said...

the little hat looks great on the tweet :) i wish I was a better knitter so I could try to get a few little hat made for this