Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Going Gocco...

My new gocco came in the post last week and I have been itching to try it out. I decided to buy one after the retreat where Gillian aka fabricnation showed me how to use one and I was instantly hooked. My main problem is that I have too many ideas and only limited screens!

It's been a while since I did any artwork so I thought I'd have a go at drawing some of my skull collection since they are so lovely (I know, I'm weird!) I drew out my design onto postcards using riso carbon pens, I usually work in Ink any way and the pens are surprisingly fine and good for drawing with, they gave a really nice quality of line.

I did do a few ink tests on my screen from retreat but since my attention span is kinda short I jumped in straight away making my new screen!

I decided to experiment with different backgrounds and found my self running round the flat looking for interesting things to print on, pastel paper worked very well, in fact everything seemed to work well which must mean this is a fairly easy to use system since I can usually manage to screw up most thing!

My black prints cam out a little splodgey, I have to admit I may have got carried away and over inked my screen or maybe i didn't leave long enough between cleaning and reinking between colours. The black ink seemed to be a little more watery then the others so I know to use less next time.
I really liked my white prints tho and my map prints when I managed to get the ink right. I also experimented with turning the paper to make a larger print which I am happy with.

I also tried a few contact prints from my over inked ones which came up quite nice. So all in all I am very chuffed with my first gocco session, I don't think I'm quite ready to turn my business over to a printing one and am really not sure that any of todays experiments are saleable but it's definately been a good afternoon.

Next time I think I'll play with colour a bit more but I will have to order some first since all my colours that came with the gocco are a little odd! Gocco is great fun but I would recommend buying and sharing with a friend since the initial outlay can be quite high, especially if you're not planning on using your gocco for profit!


Stargazy Photography said...


and I am jealous of your skull collection. Where did you get them? I'd quite like one now to add to my still lifes...

Anonymous said...

that looks like so much fun!!! and your skull drawing is ace too :)

Jennifer Rose said...

I would love one but like you said they are not cheap :/

I think your skulls turned out great :D def. saleable

Illusio Creative said...

Looks fab hun, well done. I would like to know more..I read the screens can only be used once? Is that right..
Can't wait to see more stuff, and what you have produced thus fat definately look saleable.

Me2silly81 said...

Hi Mel! Oh gosh naming is quite complex! I don't think I can come up with one that you would like but I know what helped me, was I thought of key words that I liked and then added that to other creative words I thought suited my product/ image or personality of the product.

I also looked up the meaning of "Gocco", which in Japanese means - "Make-believe play". So I thought of some combination of words that you can play around with that may help get your creative juices flowing..

I actually really like the name of your post "Going Gocco" designs. because the purpose of Gocco prints is more eco-friendly.
Good luck.. I know the name will come!

Amity said...

omg these are fantastic!!!