Wednesday, 16 September 2009

What's In a Name? Suggestions Please...

Thanks to all the lovely comments about my gocco prints I have decided the only thing to do is open a new etsy shop! But it's not so simple as that is it? One can't just willie nillie choose any old name and open an etsy account can you?

This has prompted me to pose the philosophical question of What's In a Name? You see feltmeup is now an established brand... but my new project isn't felt! Notfeltmeupdesigns? Unfelt? A little negative I feel. Printmeup? Printmedown? Print... something. It's very very hard!

Suggestions on a postcard please... or just as a comment... help! I need help... there may even be some printed goodies in it if someone comes up with a name that's and better than my poor choices!


Amanda Sheridan said...

How about:-
Golly Gosh Gocco
Go Go Gocco
Gocco Bonio
Gocco & Co

Probably all rubbish but that's what came straight out of my head. Don't know what that says about my head mind you!

Jennifer Rose said...

def. not print me down, def too negative. hmm feltmeup prints? I have no idea, hopefully someone has some good suggestions.
picking a name can be so hard!

Beth Howard said...

I like printmeup, actually - ties in to your existing shop while still clearly stating what the new shop features :)

Lorrie said...

Felt goes Gocco
Gocco Print Up!
Up Print Gocco


~*~Aria~*~ said...

Printing A Go-cco
Gotta Gocco Prints
Gocco on the Go

Yay for new shops!

Anonymous said...

Purrdy said:

up and coming Gocco prints

up up and away Gocco

Beam me up GOcco prints

Esme Dodsworth said...

these look great, so much detail to the prints. I am jealous, I always look at gocco and go ooooh!

um not good with names how about FeltPrintedDesigns

Unknown said...

I like printmeup, it's like an extension on feltmeup and has a nice ring to it. Good luck!