Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Etsy UK Retreat

So I'm back... Ok I was back a couple of weeks ago but have spent the interim period between panicking and working and generally cultivating an air of headless chickeness.UK retreat was fantastic, the venue was amazing... a very posh sixth form college in Escrick, York and it was all organised by the wonderful Tinyisland. All the etsy Lasses are totally lovely in real life (as I suspected!) and I was well impressed with their abilities to craft and drink at the same time to the wee small hours in the morning and then get up 4 hours later and do it all again.

I flexed my teaching muscles with a couple of wee felty workshops.

Debsmuddle made me a little nervous with her tweeting skills.... how good is this guy? He looks like he really wants a hug!
And fabricnation let me and Wildcatdesigns play with her gocco... great fun, so much so that I have had to buy a gocco now... whoops!

You can find more pictures here on my flickr stream.

Big thanks to Debbie for organising it and taking me to get new jeans after jeans malfunction, and to all the etsy gals who made it a fab weekend.

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debsmuddle said...

It was great to meet you.
Thank you so much for your felting tutorial. I love my tweet