Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Let Me Introduce You To...

This week I thought I'd show you something a little different... it's still felt but it's not needlefelted and it's fab. I'd like to introduce you to Britishcreamtea of etsy, I can't belive how real these little fancy cakes look!

"Handsewn little treats, made from 100% recycled felt, that are perfect for everlasting adult tea parties, great for keeping your pins in order, make beautiful bookshelf ornaments, are fabulous as party favours, bring back memories of anyone with a British childhood and look beautiful strung on ribbon as holiday decorations."

I love BCT's felt food made from recycled materials. Her whole shop has a whiff of nostagia and takes me back to my child hood. I love her seaside rock, ice creams and lollies (popsicles if your from the US) probably because I live at the seaside and I adore the sense of faded seaside glamour that it has here.You just have to love this "99 Ice cream" if you've not come across this before its a whipped icecream in a cone with a chocolate flake in... I'm old enough to remember when 99's cost 99p last time I bought (monday) one it cost me £1.30! Take the time to read BCT's descriptions and you'll learn a lot about these great British treats!

BCT's shop is great... I love the way she photographs her work and I could gush all day about BCT but I won't... I'll have a cheeky little moment for myself and ask you to vote for my wedding cake toppers at etsy voter

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The Mayberry Sparrow said...

These are all so delicious! I really like the little teacup /cupcake ones. Soo cute!